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Work With Naomi

Naomi MduduYou want to build a business that fulfils you; a business that makes an impact but provides you a lifestyle that rich and full, without the constant hustle and overwhelm.

And that’s where I come in.

I am passionate about working with women like you to increase the visibility and demand for what you do with systems that allow you work smarter, not harder.

I coach fellow female founders on the tools and systems I’ve used to skyrocket both my bottom line and sense of personal freedom too.

Are you ready to take that step?

THRIVE MASTERMINDA yearlong high touch experience for high-level entrepreneurs ready to grow their impact and income over the next 12 months. 

A dedicated space to learn road-tested solutions to scale with intention, this group is your opportunity to get advice, insights, feedback and accountability from a close-knit community of likeminded female founders as committed to your success as their own.

There is a maximum of 10 women in this group, and we accept applications on a rolling basis for the forthcoming group.


PROPEL 90-DAY BUSINESS ACCELERATORPropel is a comprehensive 90-day business accelerator for creative female entrepreneurs working to hit consistent 10k months.

Whether you’re brand new or looking to go to the next level, Propel will support, challenge and inspire you to create the business you know you’re truly capable of. 

In the program, you’ll learn how to craft and price your offers, master your message and establish marketing systems that consistently attract and convert qualified leads that are excited and ready to invest in what you have to offer.

You’ll learn systems to automate your business in a way that enables you to grow in an expansive way that serves the life you want to live. The group format will also provide a safe incubator for you to up-level your mindset and challenge limiting beliefs to support your growth.


3-MONTH 1:1 ELEVATE VIP PROGRAM: If you’re craving an individualised experience, 1:1 coaching allows us to deep dive through a customised program tailored around where your life and business is right now and where you’d like it to be.

For the duration of the three months, you’ll work intimately with Naomi to stretch out of your comfort zone, get crystal clear on your business direction and create a roadmap to massively grow your income and your impact.

Naomi has one place available for September.


Prior to working with Naomi I had been working for myself for a year and a half.  I had a big vision, but not so much knowledge about what I needed to do day to day to begin moving closer to manifesting my vision.

The strategies I’ve been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing. Half way through this year I’ve already generated what I made last year.  

Naomi is like red bull for your career.  She has lovingly held the container for my growth (the good and the painful), each session we celebrate my wins (even the little ones), and has been an unlimited well of information and strategy for my business.  If you want to catapult your business into the next stratosphere and you are willing to put in the work, she’s an amazing coach to work with.  I am continuosly inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I’ve been craving.    

– Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty & Goodness 

There were a few areas I was finding challenging in my business before working with Naomi and to be honest wasn’t sure where to start as everything seemed like a priority. Being  able to work through a structured plan; tackling one area at a time and working through at a pace that ensured I understood, Naomi’s guidance was invaluable and made me feel like I had a plan of action and that overcoming these challenges was totally within my grasp.

Being able to understand my financial position and plan my business strategy with that in mind has been a game changer. As a confident creative, numbers are where I fall apart. Naomi guided me through ways to plan financially and introduce new financial strategies that have helped me look at my business from a completely different, positive perspective. Also, understanding how to overcome the time-poor, experience rich aspect of my position in the business and be able to develop and evolve using new ones is one of the important changes I have made for the better in my business.

Naomi is a strategy power-house who comes from a confident, experienced place but also has the empathy and understanding of a driven entrepreneur that makes her the perfect coach for entrepreneurs looking for support and advice in their business. She is a business coach with a wide reach that touches on many aspects of entrepreneurship; from finance to social media to the day to day well being.

– Claire Foster, founder of Sourced Vintage Studio

Naomi has had the single biggest impact on my business since I started working with her 6 months ago. She guided me at a critical moment to step back, plan strategically, and create systems and partnerships that support the long term sustainability of Big Lives as a prosperous lifestyle business. She’s helped me think about how I want to spend my time, develop as a thought leader, grow as an entrepreneur…and design my business activities and goals accordingly.

Every session with Naomi brings a level of insight and accountability that leaves me motivated and certain of strategic direction. Her marketing expertise informs invaluable best practices and her introductions have lead to important collaborations. She is a true coach, empowering my success through questioning, challenging, and advising in a way that inspires growth. I am forever grateful for the impact Naomi’s had on my business and highly recommend The Lifestyle Edit to women looking to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

– Sam Alston, founder of Big Lives

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