Podcast | The Lifestyle Edit


with Naomi Powell


Welcome to The Lifestyle Edit podcast, a weekly
show dedicated to providing you with strategies and
mindset shifts to support you in building and scaling
a successful business on your own terms.


“In an era where we
are constantly told
to conform to
others’ blueprints
and formulas,
I set out to shift the


On the show, we explore
how to get your work into
the hands of those who
need it, without resorting
to burn out.

We talk about things like managing your inner
world, building courage to do scary things and
embodying your next level self, now.


What My listeners Have to Say

“Legit Boss Queen! Naomi is a legit coach and
everything she is is 100% on point! I love how she talks
about enjoying your life and not being available for doing
every single thing in your biz. Thank you Naomi!”

“Like An Expert BFF In Your Ear. I look forward to every new podcast release and even have a ritual of listening to it as I walk my dog. Not only have a learned groundbreaking lessons, this podcast has helped me let go of other coaches I didn’t align with, reframe my own success, and show up more authentically in my life and business!”


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