About - The Lifestyle Edit

What We Do

At The Lifestyle Edit, we support womxn
coaches and consultants in creating
true freedom.

Freedom to scale your
business in a way that feels

uniquely yours.

Freedom to live your life

fully self-expressed.

without money being a deciding
factor in your decisions.

Freedom to create a life that truly takes your

breath away.

We want to create a world where womxn
don’t have to choose between impact- driven
work they love and creating wealth in a way
that honors the lives they want to lead.


75% of female-identifying
entrepreneurs are generating
less than
$50,000 a year in gross revenue. The
of which generate less than
$30,000 a year.

Only 12% hit six figures.

The Lifestyle
Edit is
committed to
changing that.

We know that when female
entrepreneurs break
six-figures, they’re
not only able to invest in systems
teams to expand their impact, they’re
also able
to take home a consistent
salary that provides
security and peace
of mind personally, too.


I cut my teeth in newspaper publishing,
balancing creating
compelling editorial
with the ongoing commercial demands

of this new publishing terrain; before
venturing out on
my own, creating
360-marketing campaigns for multi-

national lifestyle brands and direct to
consumer start-ups.

What started as a consulting company
and content
platform five years ago, has
now evolved into a multiple six
coaching and education company. One
that’s allowed
me to teach hundreds
of womxn how to uncomplicate

their businesses to expand their reach,
scale their income
and create systems
that work hard, so they don’t have to.

“As much as I love
my job here at
Lifestyle Edit extends

far beyond that.”

I’m here to challenge the women in our
community to rise
to their full potential;
to know that their desires are there
a reason; that they can do hard things
and that the
secret to unlocking the
business of their dreams is tapping
the unwavering versions of themselves.

We exist to help them change their
financial trajectories
while doing the inner
work to become the kind of women
get to be, do and have it all.



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