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Writing this letter has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to write. How do you begin to sum up and put into words something you’ve been dreaming of creating and have been working on secretly behind the scenes for so long? Surely I’ll forget something and it’s guaranteed not to articulate everything we’ve tried to create well enough?

Do you know what? That’s actually okay. Over the past six months working intensely on this project, one of the lessons I’ve learned from the diverse batch of women that we’ve collaborated with and profiled is that having wobbly moments and not getting it right the first time is actually okay. One of the things all of them said is that sometimes you have to dive feet first and trust that the rest will fall into place.

The Lifestyle Edit launches today – finally! – and is the beginning, I hope, of a new way about thinking about fashion and lifestyle. After listening to friends and colleagues, our suspicions were confirmed: loving fashion doesn’t mean you don’t love anything else. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s because you’re interested in style that that permeates into everything you do from the places you go out to eat or travel; to the interiors in your home, the fitness classes you attend, your approach to health and fitness and the beauty products you swear by.

We felt that there wasn’t a place on the Internet that housed that in one place and also touched on the other areas that are important to you like getting your finances in check and climbing the career ladder. That’s why we’ve spoken to women from across fashion and the wider creative industry who have all shared their stories and lessons they’ve learned along the way in a series of candid interviews and profiles. We’ve even enlisted a New York-based anonymous sex and dating columnist to share her experiences on being a 30-something singleton in New York right now. We hope that many of her stories will hit a chord with something either you a friend has or is going through, or that they will at least make you have a giggle while you follow her on her crazy dating ride.

The Lifestyle Edit is all about celebrating women’s brains and giving you friendly advice on the tips and tricks we have learnt from the pros while recommending the latest places and destinations we can’t get enough of.

We’re not about being preachy. Our team is full of twenty and thirty-something year old women trying to figure things out just like you. The Lifestyle Edit is about YOU so as much as we’ll follow our gut and bring you the type of content we know we could do with reading, we want to learn more about the stories you want to see and the incredible women you want to read more about.

I hope you enjoy getting to know The Lifestyle Edit as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. We can’t wait to start this ride with you.

Naomi Mdudu, editor


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