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The Lifestyle Edit CEO Naomi Mdudu

We are here to support you in creating a life and career you love.

I walked away from my fashion editor role at a big newspaper in London to launch my business. It was the role I’d spent my career working towards. I travelled the world, I interviewed people I never dreamt I’d be able to, I made a decent living and had all the perks that come with a corporate job. It felt like all the hard work up to that point had amounted to something. Only, it was enough.

I found myself working 12-14 hour days, and often weekends, to create content I didn’t believe in. By the end, I was just going through the motions every day and worse still, I was burnt out.

The Lifestyle Edit CEO Naomi Mdudu

In leaving, not only was I giving up the perks of the corporate world (goodbye pension and health insurance), I was also saying goodbye to a consistent paycheck and the prestige that comes along with working for a big newspaper. 

I can’t tell you how many times I played out all the ways things could go wrong. Then, one day, a friend sat me down and made me work through the worst-case scenarios for each of those situations. What if the business failed? I have a degree, countless years of publishing experience, and now know what it means to start and run a business, all of which would help me find something knew. And what would people think? If they loved me, they’d support me as I figure out my next move.

Going through that process was a big lesson for me and one I constantly remind myself of. It showed me that the worse-case scenario isn’t all that bad. Knowing I’d always be able to survive, even if I did fail, took the fear out of venturing into the unknown…

The Lifestyle Edit CEO Naomi Mdudu

I started The Lifestyle Edit because I believe we all deserve more.

Launched in 2015, I wanted to offer what I thought was missing in the media world: a space that truly celebrated the dynamic female founders operating behind the scenes of some of the most interesting and forward-thinking businesses.

For so long when female entrepreneurs have been featured, it’s always been centered around grueling morning routines, wearing a lack of sleep and self-care as a badge of honour, and a focus only on the peaks of their careers.

We focus so much today on the peaks of people’s career.

The Lifestyle Edit CEO Naomi Mdudu

I’m interested in the factors that have informed their decisions; the mindset changes they’ve had to adopt to achieve their full potential; and also the strategies they’ve learnt for overcoming bumps on the road.

For all of us still trying to figure things out, it’s important to be reminded that the women we admire most started from somewhere and are still figuring things out, too.

My goal is to live by design, not by default. Living my best life means working on my own terms. I’m not interested in having the most followers on Instagram or being considered the number one in what I do. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t want to be recognised by their peers but that’s not the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.

I started my business because I want to support women like you. Yes, YOU with the big dreams and ambitions to make a difference and cultivate a life on your own terms. That passion is what makes the long hours and hard work worth it.

Passion is what got me started and gave me the boldness to leave my job and pursue my business full-time just a little over two years ago.

The Lifestyle Edit CEO Naomi MduduBut a clear business strategy is what has kept it going.

I learned very quickly that without doing research and educating myself on the business side of entrepreneurship, I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet and serve you in the way I want to.

I was in the red for the first six months of my business. I spent hours searching for helpful resources to point me in the right direction, but struggled to find anything that broke things down and truly added value. I figured things out by trial and error. And as I came across women who had mastered some of these entrepreneurial pillars, I shared their stories on The Lifestyle Edit and implemented their strategies into my work.

And that’s when my business began to grow and evolve.

Today, I feel more comfortable and secure than I ever have. In fact, I’m more comfortable about where my next paycheck is coming from now that I’m my OWN employer. There is no annual salary placing a cap on my earning potential. There’s no fear of being made redundant by no fault of my own. I get to choose whether I feel like working from home in my yoga pants, I work out in the middle of the day, I wake up in the morning feeling pumped up and inspired about the possibilities and feel like the work I do is contributing to something rather than just adding to the noise. My successes, on the most part, boil down to me and that, is one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

Now, my passion is two-fold. It started as a love of sharing the stories of these accomplished women but it’s grown to a love of helping creative entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls that I made and save time in turning their creative talents into successful, profitable companies.

If you’re feeling stuck and need pointing in the right direction or you know that you’re holding yourself back from taking that big leap, I want you to know that I’m here for you and you don’t have to do this on your own anymore.

Ready to shine?

It’s time to stop dreaming about cultivating a life on your own terms and start making things happen.

I’ve seen women in our community quit their day jobs, launch freelance businesses with waiting lists or companies that create products or services that truly resonate with the people they’re trying to connect with.

But much more than that, I’ve seen them grow and overcome the fears and mindsets that have been holding them back, and truly take ownership of their gifts, strengths, and creativity along the way. 

Choose more.

Everything we do is about helping you choose more.

More focus. More freedom. More impact. More joy. More fulfilment.

Less stress. Less overwhelm. Less self-doubt. Less imposter-syndrome.

So the only question I have now is:

Are you ready to take your next step — and join me on this journey?

To create a wildly fulfilling, adventurous, out-of-this-world life and business?

It would be my honour to walk alongside you.

Even if I’m a few steps ahead of you — we’re in this together, hand in hand.



“I discovered TLE one afternoon after being made redundant. I had always had a successful and steady career and had suddenly found myself at an unexpected crossroads not knowing which way to turn. The beauty of TLE newsletters are that they give you a great insight not only into the high’s (and low’s) of other women’s careers and how they made it up the proverbial ladder but they also shine a light on other jobs that you may not have thought about before. My career is now back on track but eventually I hope to have my own business and platforms like TLE are where I will turn to for advice! If you’re looking for something refreshingly honest, totally relatable and bursting with career inspiration this is for you!” – Francesca Leach

“The Lifestyle Edit continues to be my lunchtime treat of the day – that quick 30 minutes I do get spare is spent digesting a new article or reading an old gem. The are so many interview-led sites out there these days but Naomi manages to select a great variety of intelligent and empowered women and further to that, asks the questions whose answers you actually want to hear. It’s so refreshing to hear these incredible women delve deeply into real business/ personal issues rather than superficial. I also often get asked questions about tips on starting a business and one must be for people to head to The Lifestyle Edit and read the incredible variety of information you can get!”- Pampelone founder, Holly Scarsella

“To me The Lifestyle Edit represents success for working women in the most modern and truthful way, showing how it means many things – from freedom to inclusiveness and confidence to community – not just individual corporate status.  TLE is as joyful as it’s refreshing – it’s a much needed, well rounded new champion for women in all avenues of work.” – Legology founder, Kate Shapland


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