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Everything we create is designed to support you in cultivating a life and business you love – on your own terms….

Naomi Mdudu, coach for female entrepreneurs1:1 BUSINESS COACHING

Starting a business or taking an existing company to new heights requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute on the right strategies. Without a roadmap or guidance, that process can feel overwhelming. That’s where our business coaching program with our founder, Naomi Mdudu comes in.

Through either one laser-focused 60-minute strategy session or through our coaching packages, Naomi will fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. Our programs will help you clarify your goals, increase your sales and profits, learn proven marketing and sales strategies and get more done in less time. Packages come with recordings of your session and action-tasks for you along with unlimited email access with Naomi for accountability and support between sessions.

Ready to shine? Click here to book your a 60 minute strategy session.

For our coaching packages, click here to book a complimentary discovery call to talk with Naomi all about your business. She’ll make sure she’s the right fit, and then get to work on creating your customised coaching plan.

To book a 60-minute strategy session, click here to book your spot.

Here’s what past coaching clients had to say:

“I found my mentoring session with Naomi so valuable! I’m at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and I felt like I could share every aspect with Naomi. Naomi gave me practical and pragmatic advice and as an entrepreneur that’s what you need as the reality is, it’s not always going to be easy. I left the call feeling energetic, positive and ready to go!” – Naomi Oluleye, Consultant

“I found chatting with Naomi hugely motivating and inspirational. She was able to provide such valuable insight into Handpicked by Kate and enabled me to gain real perspective on how to grow Handpicked by Kate and what the next steps to take should be. Too often I find myself working in the business rather than on the business so the mentoring session with Naomi really helped me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.” – Kate Williams, founder of Handpicked by Kate

“Naomi is a brilliant coach. She will take time to understand your business and goals. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge of systems and online resources, and she isn’t afraid to offer helpful constructive criticism. Naomi thinks big. If you are ambitious and want your business to be the best it can be then Naomi is for you.” – Jennie Hogg, founder of Lois Avery Cashmere


Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. A professional group coaching program provides the support you need to accomplish your goals.

Led by our founder, the Business Mastery 3-month program includes two 90-min group strategy sessions via Zoom each month and is designed for female entrepreneurs looking to build momentum, grow their audiences and increase profits. Members get unlimited email access to Naomi between sessions and accountability in a private Facebook Group all designed to effectively support you in having a breakthrough year.

For years, people have asked us to offer a high-level group coaching program so we’re thrilled to be able to work with an intimate group in a high touch way. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of running an online business (marketing, content, social media, team building, business structure, revenue streams, and more).

If you’re not ready to invest in 1:1 sessions and want to an action plan to take your business to the next level in a group format, fill out this form to tell me more about yourself. The program is application only with limited spots. It launches in May and applications close on Friday April 6.

Click here to apply.

The Lifestyle Edit Workshops


Do you feel stuck in your business or at a stage where you need an extra bit of support to take you to that next milestone? Whatever you’re going through, our business workshops are a one-stop shop for creative entrepreneurs.

In small groups of 10-15 people, you will be networking with like-minded creatives while hearing advice from the best in the industry.

Topics include cash flow, growing and hiring a winning team, preparing your business for investment, how to create a solid legal foundation for your company and the automations you can implement to convert followers into customers on autopilot.

Don’t miss out! Sign up to be the first to know when they are taking place and how to get tickets.

Interested in sponsoring a workshop? Get in touch.

TLE x Egg Shop Supper Club


A retreat for creative, entrepreneurial women who want to increase their income and impact.

June 22nd – June 24th

Hudson Valley

Click here for all of the details

Do you want to quit your 9 to 5 and start a business but you don’t know where to begin?

Or maybe you’re already up and running but you need guidance and accountability to get to the next level.

In partnership with Six Degree Society, we bring you the Create A Life & Business You Love Retreat, a three-day getaway where you’ll be guided on how to launch and scale your business, find your true purpose and make time for self-care, all while connecting with a group of incredible women.

We can’t tell you everything yet but it’s going to be an intimate group of 12 creative women from all industries who are looking to launch or up-level their business and be part of a true community that will be a place for brainstorming, goal setting, strategy and accountability.

Along with an amazing line-up of speakers and workshop hosts, over the course of the three-day weekend you will get 1:1 time with myself and Six Degrees Society founder, Emily Merrell.

Click here to apply for a spot.

No payment details or credit cards. We just want to hear more about you and will get in touch with successful applications soon.

Here’s hoping you’re one of the 12 that joins us for what’s set to be a truly magical weekend.

Deborah Lippmann on The Lifestyle Edit


Want to showcase inspiring women from your company to our community?

We work with likeminded brands on co-branded interview series and engaging live panels that we support across our social platforms and email list.

Want us to create content for your platform? We do that too.

The Lifestyle Edit Supper Club

Deborah Lippmann on The Lifestyle Edit


The Lifestyle Edit founder Naomi Mdudu has a wide range of online business specialties in marketing, social media, automations, mindset and the future of digital. While every conference or event presentation is custom, past popular topics include:

Switching careers and how to financially prepare for the transition

Discovering and attracting your ideal audience and doubling down on your niche

Productivity tools and systems to work smarter, not harder

How to develop a mindset for success and overcome limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the income and impact you’re destined for.

How it’s possible to be successful without VC. Why we decided to bootstrap the business (and why we’re glad we did).

Redefining success on your own terms and understanding your why

Why community over competition is the driving force for the business and how that has grown into IRL events as a focus for our business.

Naomi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit speaks at a Bumble Bizz panel

Naomi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit speaks at a Bumble Bizz panel
Naomi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit speaks at a Bumble Bizz panel

Naomi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit speaks at a Bumble Bizz panel

CAA9Here’s What Past Clients & Partners Are Saying About Us:

 “Naomi and her team at TLE have been an essential part of growing my companies’. The work Naomi has done in spreading awareness of the different brands, under a focused plan has solidified the vision and point of view of the companies. Having Naomi’s support and professional candor has shed light on so many aspects of how my businesses are seen in today’s world and what I can do as an entrepreneur to extend that audience. Her wealth of knowledge and perspective in how the companies and how I am represented are extremely valuable in turning the volume up to our audience and finding like minded people who also believe in what we do. She is a force to be reckoned with.”

Christine Alcalay, founder of Christine Alcalay, Kiwi & Fig

“The Lifestyle Edit continues to be my lunchtime treat of the day – that quick 30 minutes I do get spare is spent digesting a new article or reading an old gem. The are so many interview-led sites out there these days but Naomi manages to select a great variety of intelligent and empowered women and further to that, asks the questions whose answers you actually want to hear. It’s so refreshing to hear these incredible women delve deeply into real business/ personal issues rather than superficial. I also often get asked questions about tips on starting a business and one must be for people to head to The Lifestyle Edit and read the incredible variety of information you can get!”

Holly Anna Scarsella, founder of Pampelone

“To me The Lifestyle Edit represents success for working women in the most modern and truthful way, showing how it means many things – from freedom to inclusiveness and confidence to community – not just individual corporate status.  TLE is as joyful as it’s refreshing – it’s a much needed, well rounded new champion for women in all avenues of work.”

Kate Scott Thomas, founder of Legology

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