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We’re here to support you to play big, dream bigger and live happier. You deserve a career that feels aligned. That fills you with joy; supports the kind of life you want to live and pushes you to keep growing.

It’s about doing work that matters. More life, less strife. This journey can be hard, it can feel scary, but it’s worth it. You have something special to offer the world than only you can.

And you’re not alone.

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Candid stories on triumphs and challenges. We’ve asked them the secrets behind the strategies that have made a difference so you don’t have to.

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At The Lifestyle Edit, community is everything. We come together, we share our stories and we cheer each other on as we continue on this entrepreneurial journey together. You remind us every day that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t need to be competitive. That’s why we created our Supper Clubs to take that connection IRL and facilitate an environment where we can connect and learn together over good food and wine.

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You’re meant for something big & it starts here.
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