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Prior to working with Naomi I had been working for myself for a year and a half. I had a big vision, but not so much knowledge about what I needed to do day to day to begin moving closer to manifesting my vision. The strategies I've been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing.

Naomi is like red bull for your career. She has lovingly held the container for my growth (the good and the painful), each session we celebrate my wins (even the little ones), and has been an unlimited well of information and strategy for my business. If you want to catapult your business into the next stratosphere and you are willing to put in the work, she's an amazing coach to work with. I am continuosly inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone and it's exactly what I've been craving.

Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty & Goodness

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Taking your business to the next level requires clarity and the ability to execute on strategies that truly move the needle.
We'll use my tried and tested roadmap to establish marketing, revenue models, sales and automation systems to position your business for rapid growth.

If You Need Support:
TLE Accountability Circle: Crowdsource ideas, get feedback in real time and learn what's working in the businesses of other creative founders through this monthly membership community. Through bi-monthly accountability calls, you'll have the support you need to make major strides in your business and the accountability you need to execute.
If You're Looking To Start:
Business Mastery Group Coaching Program: For female business owner ready to rapidly grow your business from scratch, this is the step by step process that I've used to help many of my clients double their income in 6 months. In six group sessions, I'll walk you through the foundations you need to run an profitable business without the overwhelm.
If You're Ready To Scale:
Propel Coaching Programs: If you're craving an individualised experience, 1:1 coaching allows us to go deep through a customised program tailored around where your life and business is right now. A 1-month intensive program, this is available to a select few year each year who are ready to invest in a high-touch approach.

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Candid stories on triumphs and challenges. We’ve asked them the secrets behind the strategies that have made a difference so you don’t have to.

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At The Lifestyle Edit, community is everything. We come together, we share our stories and we cheer each other on as we continue on this entrepreneurial journey together. You remind us every day that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t need to be competitive. That’s why we created our Supper Clubs to take that connection IRL and facilitate an environment where we can connect and learn together over good food and wine.

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