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Like many start-up founders, I find it really difficult to spend money on myself. When it comes to eating well and working out, I spend. But just treating myself for the heck of it? I’m frugal to a fault. Very slowly, I’m learning that treating myself to things that make me feel good is an investment worth spending.

That’s part of the reason I’m now a regular at HeyDay, an incredible facial spots that allows you to set up a monthly appointment schedule to take the stress out of trying to find a free spot in your schedule each month. The best part is that prices start from $60 for a fully customised facial and the use high-end natural products like Naturopathica and Grown Alchemist. You basically get a blissed out hour and better skin for the price of an & Other Stories top. What’s not to love?

We caught up with the founders recently to talk all things self-care from the small ways you can incorporate practices into your daily routine and why you’ll be thankful that you do.

HeyDay facial NYC
HeyDay NYC

ON WHY SELF-CARE ISN’T SELFISH & STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO INCORPORATE IT INTO YOUR ROUTINE: At some point or another, so many of us find ourselves tabling self-care in order to care for others or simply to keep up with hectic schedules that don’t have self-care habits built in. Consistently tending to the needs of your own body, mind, and heart allows you to give best to the people and causes you care about. Everyone needs to refuel and replenish, and self-care lets you do that.

STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO INCORPORATE SELF-CARE INTO YOUR ROUTINE: I think one of the keys to self-care is that it’s really about building small moments into your normal routine that help you tend to your real and important physical, mental and emotional needs. Self-care at its best can’t be only things you try to do on Saturday unless you get called in to work. It’s not something that can be put off for vacation. It can be as simple as the candle you light when you walk into your apartment because it makes you feel Zen, taking lunch to fuel your body and clear your mind, or less than five minutes to cleanse and moisturize your skin at the end of the night, allowing yourself in that moment to breathe deeply and let go of the day and its worries. Self-care really happens when we affirm through consistent actions that we’re worth five minutes or an hour of our own time. If you find this really hard, starting with the 5 minute or less habits helps. It can be helpful to let yourself envision a routine that includes a few little rituals that you can repeat regularly, eventually without having to think too hard about it, even looking forward to them. For skincare, consistency is everything to results. When you allow your routine to turn into a self-care ritual and not just and item on a to do list by managing how you approach it, you’re able to unlock not just looking great, but feeling great too. 

ON WHAT MAKES THEIR FACIALS SO SPECIAL: Today, facials are typically tucked away in luxury spas and can be pricey, as they are part of complex treatment menus and expensive real estate, leading to higher prices for customers. They also are programmed for an every-now-and-then indulgence, whereas consistent treatments should be about skin wellness and maintenance. Our premise is simple. We believe that facials should fit into your wallet and your schedule, and that looking after your skin shouldn’t be so difficult as it has been in the past. In addition to feeling that freshness and glow post-facial, the long-term benefits of taking care of your skin regularly have never been so important! Our premise is simple. We believe that facials should fit into your wallet and your schedule, and that looking after your skin shouldn’t be so difficult as it has been in the past. The big secret is that it’s less about the amount of time you have than how you use that time. This is probably one of the most challenging parts of life for all of us, but within the 30, 50, or 75 minutes of a facial at Heyday, we’re starting with a clear and personalized skin analysis which allows us to focus on what will help your skin most within the time we have. A smart, well-trained skin therapist who is equipped with high quality tools and products can get better results in the same amount of time simply by responding to the needs your skin communicates today rather than zoning out to perform a cookie cutter treatment on your skin. Honoring our clients as individuals and making educated decisions to customize and maximize their time is fundamental to us.

ON (UNINTENTIONALLY) CHAMPIONING CLEAN BEAUTY BRANDS: Interestingly enough, we’ve never looked for strictly natural or organic brands for the shop. The objective was to find products that are genuinely effective, able to help clients of all skin types tackle common skin concerns, a pleasure to use (self-care habit worthy), and formulated mindfully to leave out common skin irritants. Some of our favorite products come from clean cosmeceutical brands that combine natural botanical bases with active ingredients that do come from a lab (like Lactic Acid, Peptides, Vitamin C, or Retinol) to get serious results without creating unnecessary irritation or imbalance for the skin’s health along the way. What we do choose to stand up for is calm, truly healthy skin for our clients as we help them address their concerns.

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